Attractive Property, What’s that?

As the University updates its assets system for tracking devices, it is now more important to decal certain items that are purchased by the university. The policy set by UF Property can be found here:

Per the Policy, an Attractive Item is any item that costs less than $5000 and can be characterized as “walk away” items. What this means to you is that anything that is portable such as a tablet, laptop, phone, etc. must have an inventory tag. Desktop computers that are in faculty or staff offices are not required to be tagged based on these guidelines. Additionally, anything that is traveling outside the country is required to have a UF Property decal before it can leave.

IT does not tag devices for the departments, which means it is up to the department to tag anything that matches the description of an Attractive Item. There is certain information that you will need to request a decal, that information includes Dept ID, Description, Serial Number, Category, ACQ Date, ACQ Cost, PO number, Building and Room number, and User ID if the device is Off-Site. The form looks like the following image:

Most of this information should be on the packing slip that comes with the device when it arrives, but if there is anything you do not see please feel free to ask CLAS IT for the information since every device is required to be set up by us. Once the device is configured and the decal has been labeled, then CLAS IT will schedule an appointment with the faculty or staff member the device has been assigned to for getting them signed in and working.

If there are any further questions pertaining to assets or attractive property please reach out to Property and assets at or by phone at (352) 392-2556.

For information on the device itself, CLAS IT will keep a record of the information including the serial number, Manufacturer, Model, and Model Number for additional tracking. If that information is needed please feel free to request a copy using the service request form at or by phone at (352) 846-1990.