Setting Up UF E-mail on an Android Phone

Setting up an android phone to check your UF email certainly isn’t as easy as most other systems are, but it’s hardly a difficult process.

Below, is the step-by-step information to connect your email to your phone.

Setting up Email on an Android Phone using Exchange

Depending on your version of Android, the steps will vary:

Step 1: Tap the icon for your Mail app and then go to Settings > Add an account. If there isn’t an option to add an account, tap the icon for Settings and then go to Accounts.

Step 2: Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. This may also be called Corporate Account.

If you see a screen showing the Exchange Server settings, you may need to make the following changes:.


  • Domain\username: Make sure\ is in front of your GatorLink username.
  • Exchange server: Change to
  • SSL: Make sure ‘Use secure connection’ is selected.

Step 3: Accept the prompt that states it needs to be able to remotely control some security features on your device.

Step 4: Select your sync options as preferred.

Step 5: Give your account a name to describe the account, “UF Work” is a good example.

You’ll see a screen that lists all the security controls the server needs in order to sync on the phone. If you’d like to read through them, I would recommend reading it carefully and making sure what it will be able to do.

One thing to be aware of: UF Activesync policies require a PIN to unlock the device, and a phone wipe after ten failed attempts to unlock the device.

If you’re using a swipe pattern for screen unlocks, the phone will want you to change to either a password or PIN to unlock the phone.

With that, the phone should be prepared to receive your Exchange Server items.