Funding Opportunities for Innovative Ideas

Each spring UF distributes money to use technology to improve teaching.

Do you have an innovative idea to improve the teaching and learning environment at UF through technology but are lacking the financial or technical resources to make your idea a reality? Applying for a UF Technology Fee Innovation Grant could provide you with the financial resources you need to develop, implement and sustain your educational innovation.

The Technology Fee collected from students at UF helps fund projects proposed by students, staff, and faculty through a competitive process that begins each spring. Concepts that enhance instructional technology resources in an innovative and new fashion, show benefit to a large number of students, and improve the capacity of faculty to create quality learning environments have a good chance of being funded. Any member in the UF community who has an idea for a proposal is encouraged to discuss and research its viability with CLAS IT.

Several CLAS faculty have won awards totaling over $1,000,000 in previous years. These awards have been used to help develop programs in digital rhetoric (English), translate signs on campus digitally (Spanish and Portuguese Studies), create next generation teaching labs (Geography and Chemistry), and more!

UFIT sends out the call for concept proposals usually in December or January. This fall consider ideas you have that may improve instructional technology at UF and feel free to contact our IT Project Manager, Brad Harwood, to discuss these ideas to see how they meet the eligibility and scoring criteria.

More information on the UF Technology Fee Grants, including information on how to submit a concept paper and the scoring criteria, can be found on the UFIT web-site at