GatorLink Password Policies

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On July 15, 2013, the University of Florida revised the policy that impacts GatorLink accounts.

There are a couple of important points in the current Authentication Management Policy, which every UF employee should be aware of:

  • No one may require another person to share a password to an individually assigned university account. This means that an IT technician may not ask you for your GatorLink account in order to assist with a problem, and a supervisor may not ask an subordinate for their GatorLink account credentials.
  • All members of the UF community are responsible for any activity that occurs under their GatorLink account. This means that if an individual voluntarily discloses their GatorLink account, and that account is used for activities prohibited by policy or law, the account owner can be held accountable.
  • All members of the UF community are required to protect their password, and may not disclose their password to anyone else.

For more information, please see the Authentication Management Policy.