Ordering New Technology During COVID-19

Currently, with the University of Florida being mostly shutdown for summer and with limited access to buildings, there have been some issues with delivery of orders. We at CLAS IT have been working through this time to still set up devices as they are received through the departments. The most common things currently are for departments to either ship to the individual’s home or ship to UF Central Stores where the department can pick them up. Departments are still required to decal items that are Attractive Assets and any Capital Asset, in accordance with UFs Asset Policy. This should be done before notifying CLAS IT of the device’s arrival.

If shipping to either the individual’s home or the department liaison off-campus, this requires the person who ordered the device to receive the package and then drop it off in either the main office of the department or the person’s office directly. CLAS IT should then be notified that the device is here on campus and can be picked up where it was left. We will then bring it back to our offices for configuration and once finished, will drop the device back in the office where it was picked up and notify the individual whom it is assigned to for pick up. Things such as monitors, webcams, speakers, etc. do not require CLAS IT to physically touch those and do not need to be brought in and can be delivered directly to whomever they are being purchased for.

As a backup, it is recommended to register with Central Stores for delivery. CLAS IT is unable to directly receive packages to our office due to building closures and are unable to pick up packages from Central Stores for departments. If a device is shipped to Central Stores, there is a 14-day window for the item to be picked up. Once the item is picked up from Central Stores and decaled, CLAS IT can then be notified of its arrival and we will follow the same procedure as above.

For clarification, here is an example of an address used to ship to Central Stores once you have registered just for formatting to make sure it arrives at the proper location:

Attn: UF Central Stores-YOUR NAME
United States

In the Attn Field, replace YOUR NAME with the name of the person who will be picking it up, and in the Room/Area replace YOUR DEPARTMENT with your department name. This will ensure the device is delivered properly and the correct person is notified.

Further information about registering with UF Central Stores for package receipt as a backup can be found here.