How to Configure Mac OS X to use Xerox Accounting Codes

A printer preset must be configured in order for Xerox printers with accounting codes to work on Mac OS X.

Step 1:  From within any application, click the File drop down menu and click Print (Figure 1).  In this example, Safari is used.

1 Print
(Figure 1)

Step 2: The Printer Configuration interface will open.  Make sure that the correct Xerox printer is selected. Click “Show Details” in the bottom left (Figure 2).

2 Show
(Figure 2)

Step 3: Click on the drop down list directly below “Orientation.”  Several options will be listed in the drop down list, click “Xerox Features” (Figure 3).

3 Xerox feat cut
(Figure 3)

Step 4: The Xerox Features interface will open (Figure 4).  Click the drop down list next to “Paper/Output” and click “Advanced.”

4 Xerox advanced
(Figure 4)


Step 5:  The Advanced settings will be displayed (Figure 5).  Click the drop down list next to “Job Identification” and click “Disable Job ID.”  Next scroll down the list and click the “Accounting” button (Figure 5).

5 Disable ID large
(Figure 5)

Step 6: The Accounting interface will open.  Here you will need to enable the Accounting System by choosing “Xerox Standard Accounting” (Figure 6).

6 Acct
(Figure 6)

Next, complete the following steps (Figure 6):

  • Make sure the drop down list next to “Accounting Prompt” displays “Always Prompt”
  • Make sure “Mask User ID (****)” is checked
  • Make sure “Mask Account ID (****)” is checked
  • Choose “Default Group Account” from the drop down list next to “Default Account Type”
  • Make sure that the text box next to “Default Account ID” is blank.  If there is any text in the box, delete it
  • Enter your accounting code into the text box next to “Default User ID”

Step 7:  You should now be back at the Advanced settings interface (Figure 7).  The next step is to save the changes you just made as a new printer preset.  To do this click the arrows next to “Presets” and click “Save Current Settings as Preset…” (Figure 7).

7 Save preset
(Figure 7)

You will then be prompted to provide a Preset Name (Figure 8).  Type any name of your choosing that will help you to remember that this preset includes the necessary Accounting Codes.  Also, make sure that the button next to “Only this printer” is selected and click OK.

8 Large naming preset
(Figure 8)

From now on, when you print to the Xerox printer, you must use this preset