The UFL 2015 theme has been designed to add the new look and feel of the new branding, but also include the options of the previous official theme.

These instructions would also apply to an existing site that used a different theme.

Screenshot of the UF CLAS Responsive Theme
The UFL Responsive Theme

Changed Features

  • Support for only a specially-formatted SVG as the site logo.
  • Moved Theme Options to the Customizer.
  • Removed support for the Recent Posts widget.
  • Added ability to set the maximum number of items in the main menu before a “More” link

Before Updating The Theme

Sites switched to the UFL 2015 Theme will maintain their current pages, posts, menus. Other settings will have to be changed manually.

Note the following settings in the previous theme

  • Widget settings and sidebar location and order. Note: the Recent Posts widget is no longer supported. (Appearance > Widgets)
  • Menu locations. (Appearance > Menus)
  • Theme options like featured slider category, social media and Make a Gift links, Google Analytics ID, contact email address (Appearance > Theme Options)
  • Pages that do not use the default page template. (Example: pages using the full-width layout)

Activate Plugins (admins only)

No plugins are required to use the theme, but we recommend using the following plugins to improve the user experience.

You can also activate these supported plugins that have custom templates or CSS available:

Setting up the theme

Regenerate thumbnails (admins only)

WordPress creates thumbnail versions of different sizes whenever you upload an image. This theme adds new file sizes that have not been generated for images that have already been uploaded.

Use plugins like Thumbnail Cleaner and Regenerate Thumbnails to create these new thumbnail files and to remove unused ones

Add Theme Options

Go to Appearances > Customizer in the dashboard menu. Select the Theme Options panel.


Add Menus

Go to Appearance > Menus in the dashboard menu.

Add widgets back to the featured slider homepage (optional)

By default, the home page will display the featured slider.

Step 1: Go to Appearance > Widgets in the site dashboard.

Step 2: Expand all of the sidebars to ensure that widgets are in the proper location. Drag any widgets in the wrong location to the correct sidebar. 

Step 3: Scroll down to the ‘Inactive Widgets’ section below the ‘Available Widgets’ list on the left side of the screen. This is where you may find any missing widgets and you can drag them to the correct location.

Replace the Recent Posts Widget (optional)

See the recommended settings for the List Category Posts widget

Update Page Templates

Edit pages and change them to the desired layouts.