Legacy User Websites

Use the instructions below to edit a website hosted at users.clas.ufl.edu.

To log into a site at people.clas.ufl.edu, see Accessing the Site Dashboard.

Step 1: When accessing data from an off campus location the first step is to start the VPN Client: How to Set up and Run VPN.

Step 2: Go to the Finder’s Go menu and choose Connect to Server…

Step 3: Type in the path to your web drive. Note: click the “+” icon to make this path a Favorite.

Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and above:

  • Use smb://ad.ufl.edu/clas/web/users/your_username

Step 4: Click Connect, and you’ll see the progress bar for connecting to the server.

Step 5: The Authentication window will appear. Type in your GatorLink user name and password.  Note: Username should be in the form ad.ufl.edu\username.

A window will pop up and display your web files.