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Web Address Change for Faculty Sites

Several months ago we notified faculty and graduate students about a change that is going to happen to personal sites at This is a reminder that the change will be implemented on December 22nd.

What does this mean for you?

Basically, sites hosted at will have a new URL. The content of your site will not change, just the location.  On December 22nd, visitors to the old-site and all of the sub-pages at… will be redirected to the new location at….

We strongly encourage you to begin updating your address now in order to ensure a smooth transition not only for you, but also for those who access your site.

Why we are doing this?

We realize several of you have invested substantial time and energy over the years to develop your site; we do not make this change lightly. As website technology has progressed, it is time to give the college website a facelift. In order to move the main college site to a modern Content Management System (CMS), we must make this change.

Additionally, our content management system is available for every faculty member in the college. The CMS tool makes it easier to develop an individual website, and empowers you to focus on developing the content of your webpages rather than having to worry about the design. You can see a few sample sites at, and you can sign up for your very own “people” site by following the links on the main people site.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

I have a website at Does this affect me?

No. There are no changes to sites hosted at This change only affects sites using the address.

Will this change my content or the way that I connect to my web drive?

The content and structure of your web pages will not change, although we recommend that you update any links that contain can still edit your html pages with the web page editors like Kompozer and Dreamweaver. The path used to connect to your I: drive will remain the same.

Other UF sites and search engines list the old address. Will those links be broken?

No, there is a redirect in place from the old address to the new one, which includes files and pages in subfolders. Visitors will be redirected to the appropriate pages and files at

I clicked the link to my new site address and it’s showing an error message ‘Permission Denied’.

This may be due to not having an index.html file in the main folder for your site. Please contact us for support using the service request form.