Sending and Receiving Fax via Email (eFax)

Exchange users (faculty and staff) can send faxes via email. This service reduces the need for fax machines and printing costs. Supported document formats are pdf, html, jpg, gif, rtf, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Note: Outbound international faxes are blocked.

In order to begin receiving faxes via email, your department must have a fax email account associated with a fax number. An existing fax number can be ported over to this service. See Receiving a Fax via Email for details.

For more details, see the UF Telecommunications eFAX Service User Guide (PDF)

Sending a Fax via Email

You can send faxes via email to campus, local, and US long distance numbers. This service is not available for international numbers.

Step 1: Open your email client and create a new email message.

Step 2: In the ‘To‘ field, enter the recipient’s fax number in the following formats depending on your operating system.

Destination Email ‘To’ Field
Windows Mac
To Campus [fax:8461234] or [fax:61234] 8461234@fax.local or 61234@fax.local
To Off-Campus/Local
(add ‘9’ before the number)
[fax:95551234] 95551234@fax.local
To Off-Campus/Long Distance
(US-only, add ’91’ before the number)
[fax:915550001234] 915550001234@fax.local

Note: Outlook users on Windows use the ‘[fax:####]’ format and Outlook users on a Mac use the ‘####@fax.local’ format where #### is the fax number (i.e. [fax:61020] or [fax:92221212]]). The brackets surrounding the text are required.

Number format for sending faxes

Step 3: Add attachments to the message. Messages that do not have attachments will not be sent. You can add multiple attachments and they will be printed in the order that they are attached. The following formats are supported: : Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, and RTF.Note:The body of the e-mail message will be ignored. If you would like a cover letter, add it document as the first attachment.

Step 4: Send the message.

Receiving Faxes via Email

Receiving faxes is available provided the department has purchased a dedicated incoming fax line. For more information, see the eFAX Service Catalog.

To create the email account that will receive inbound faxes, your department IT contact must submit a service request to CLAS IT including the fax number and the GatorLink usernames of those who need to be able to access the account. Users with access to the account will be able to forward these fax emails and their attachments to others.

Viewing Inbound Faxes in Outlook 2010

Once your department has a fax email account, inbound faxes will appear as new email messages in this separate email account. Follow the instructions for Accessing Group or Shared Exchange Email Accounts. For the e-mail address, type in the fax email address.