Fall Prep Resources

Now that Fall 2020 is right around the corner, we wanted to take a look at what resources are still available to help instructors and staff improve upon and manage the coming months. In order to help sort through it all, I have put together a list of helpful links and divided them up into categories. Many subjects may overlap and our various units often collaborate, but we encourage you to reach out or utilize as many resources as you would like. Each one may hold something unique or a slightly varied approach that can open up a new perspective or method. The information may also be presented in different formats so comb through for the selections that may best suit your needs. There are self-guided online trainings/tutorials that you can run through at your own pace while others may offer one-on-one or group discussions with training staff or other professors to share ideas amongst.

Unfortunately, not all links are permanent and information may change and update over time. While I will be giving some links to current offerings to help focus on resources we find particularly useful, if you are viewing this article at some future date please refer to current documentation on the linked site or visit the individual unit’s primary home page to browse updated information.

Home Pages:

  1. Central UF IT for all things Policies and Governance: 
  2. Academic Technology as a hub for many of the following Supports/Centers/Units
  3. e-Learning and Canvas Support
  4. The Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT)
  5. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

General Info for Adjustments/Teaching:

  1. The main hub for Fall teaching and planning
  2. Outline of the University’s plan forward for instruction this Fall
  3. Comprehensive Resource Library for all concepts teaching and student learning

Canvas & E-Learning:

  1. For e-Learning questions, check the FAQ or contact eLearning Support 
  2. Self-Guided Online Resources/Walkthroughs
  3. 3 Hour trainings are currently offered to help instructors design and/or navigate a Canvas page. Typically events are held once per month.
    1. E-Learning @UF: Build & Design
    2. E-Learning @UF: Facilitate & Engage 
  4. Canvas Templates

Other Online Tools for Teaching

  1. OneUF Courses, Class Rolls, and Canvas tie-ins for grade submissions 
  2. Scheduling meetings and using Zoom either on the web or through Canvas
  3. General page for all online trainings, everything from Accessibility to Mediasite to SPSS & R
  4. Remote working and telephone resources

Teaching Practices / Course Adjustments:

  1. Questions regarding teaching practices or consultations on transitioning content to an online friendly format, please contact the Center for Instructional Technology and Training by Requesting Assistance on their webpage
  2. Workshops & hosted events for various topics offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence
  3. No Walls Teaching. Movement for creative online instruction.
    1. Overview of the project where they offer tips and workshops 
    2. Read the Book Online, Developed by CTE and Professors at UF

Technology Equipment

  1. General questions about Registrar controlled rooms with technical equipment
  2. Departmentally controlled rooms or offices or your departmental staff
  3. Technology Fee Academic Innovation Grants

HyFlex Classrooms & Teaching

  1. Introduction to HyFlex teaching 
  2. Some tips on conducting classes
  3. HyFlex Classroom locations (reserved through the registrar) 
  4. Synchronous and HyFlex classroom teaching checklist
  5. Instructor guide for Synchronous online teaching (“Engaging Zoom Classes”)