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UF Exchange is a full featured messaging solution that includes email, calendars, and an instant messenger service.
CLAS IT provides UF Exchange accounts and support for all CLAS faculty and staff.  CLAS departments can also request special use accounts, room calendars, and email lists.

Service Support

  • CLAS IT is responsible for creating and providing support for all CLAS user exchange accounts, room calendars and exchange email lists.
  • CLAS IT is responsible for ensuring that Outlook is correctly configured on all Active Directory joined PCs.
  • CLAS IT can assist CLAS users in setting up access to the exchange account on Macs, PCs not joined to active directory, and mobile devices.

Service Hours

On-call support is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm by dialing 846-1990. Support requests can be entered using the CLAS Service Request Form.


This is a free service provided by the University and supported by CLAS IT.

Delivery Requirements

Users must be CLAS faculty or staff. Requests for exchange accounts must come from the department IT contact or office manager.

Recovery Strategy

For disaster recovery: There are daily backups to DPM with 4 copies of user data spread across multiple physical sites.
For personal recovery: Items remain in Deleted Items for 30 days, after which they are still available for an additional 7 days through Recover Deleted Items. See Restoring Deleted Exchange Email

Service Targets

Standard provisioning turnaround? 4 hours
Standard request turnaround? 1 day
How long to restore service?

  • Outage/unusable? 2 hours
  • Degraded/unreliable? 1 day
  • Minor/invconvenient? 7 days