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To ensure that CLAS can support all college IT resources, the CLAS Dean’s Office and CLAS IT must approve all new IT expenditures prior to purchase. This includes both hardware items, as well as software and services.

Refer to the Computer and Printer Purchasing Policy.

CLAS IT provides a standard computer image for all new computers, creating a consistent environment for all CLAS-supported machines. This reduces the time required to install a new computer, allowing staff to answer more support requests in less time.


Our goal is to provide quotes for machines that are reliable, easy to maintain, and are known to work on the CLAS IT/UF network. In order to help staff find the proper combination, we provide a list of supported models and options.

Supported Desktop Models

At this time, we recommend the Dell OptiPlex business line of computers for departmental use. Dell offers several different model types within the OptiPlex line, and each of these models have multiple case options, with different components available.

Due to the cost of Apple computers, CLAS IT will not provide Macs.  However, CLAS IT will provide limited support for Apple computers provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • Are running a modern version of the OS-X operation system (currently 10.9 or higher are supported)
  • Are joined to UFAD for authentication (no local user accounts)
  • Is not used as a server (no public folders, no web-servers)
  • Use the UF SCCM tool for patch management
  • Use other tools as proscribed by UF, such as EPP or Kace
  • Use CLAS IT provided update management tools
  • Adherence to CLAS IT Administrative Access policy

Supported Laptop Models

Other Models

UF also has purchasing contracts with other computer vendors. However, due to the bundling nature of our contracts, CLAS IT cannot work with the vendors to test/create specific supported computer quotes. Your unit should only purchase such systems if you have local IT support staff to test, configure, and support such systems.  CLAS IT will attempt to provide support for

New Computer Setup

Once you have purchased your computer, please submit a service ticket. CLAS IT will configure and install the system for you.


The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is an early adopter of the PrintSmart initiative UF Purchasing has introduced this initiative to help departments save money on scanning, faxing, printing and copying.

UF Purchasing has negotiated a contract with Xerox to partner with CLAS units to help determine the “best fit” for each area by evaluating the proper blend of services and technology required. As UF copier leases expire, units will replace their current devices with equipment provided and maintained by Xerox.

If you need to purchase a printer or multifunction device (MFD), please submit a service ticket.


The University of Florida and The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences maintain a large number of licenses for various software products.  CLAS IT will evaluate software license purchase requests to make sure they are not already covered by a campus agreement and that the software complies with UF policies and guidelines.


In order to protect the intellectual property of the university, and comply with UF policies, it is important that new technologies and services are properly vetted before they are adopted.  CLAS IT will be responsible for evaluating IT related services, such as cloud storage or virtual hosting, and ensure that the service offering complies with university policy.