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IT Hardware, Software, and Services Purchasing Policy


CLAS IT provides a standard computer image for all new computers, creating a consistent environment for all CLAS IT supported machines. This reduces the time required to install a new computer, allowing CLAS IT to answer more support requests in less time.


This policy applies to all hardware, software, and IT services purchased with college funds.


  • Prior to ordering a new desktop computer or printer, software package, or IT service offering (cloud storage/virtual hosting), CLAS IT must evaluate the technical requirements and make a recommendation to the Dean’s Office.
  • New technology purchases will be evaluated based on the following criteria: cost-effectiveness, compatibility with UF services and infrastructure, compliance with University policies, and the ability to provide a high level of support.
  • The Dean’s Office, or local departmental IT support, must approve all new IT expenditures prior to purchase.
  • Only UF sources of funding may be used for the purchase. No personal funds may be used.


  • CLAS IT will provide a list of supported computer models and will offer quotes for other supported devices, such as laptops based on the department or individual’s needs.
  • Users purchasing models other than those recommended by CLAS IT staff should understand that they may receive limited technical support and service.
  • CLAS IT will evaluate software license purchases to make sure that they comply with UF policies and guidelines.
  • CLAS IT will evaluate IT services, such as cloud storage or VM hosting, to make sure that they comply with UF policies and guidelines.

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Last revised: August 23, 2013