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Data Backup and Recovery

CLAS IT provides data backup and recovery of virtual servers and user data on shared drives. Backups are made every 12 hours for the two main file servers, every two hours for the Web servers, all other servers backed up as required depending on their purpose. User data is archived for 3 months after a file is deleted. A replica of the current data is also stored in Atlanta for the purposes of disaster recovery.

Recovery of a deleted or corrupted file can be performed by the user within seven days of deletion or corruption. (See How to Recover Files and Folders in Home Drives). For files that were deleted or have been corrupted for more than seven days, recovery is initiated by a customer by ticket, and recovery is done by CLAS IT personnel..

Recovery of an unrecoverable damaged / non-working server is initiated by either a customer ticket with confirmation of server status or by CLAS IT personnel.

Service Support

  • CLAS IT is responsible for all data backup and recovery services
  • CNS is responsible for network connectivity.

Service Hours

On-call support is available Monday thru Friday from 8am – 5pm by dialing 846-1990. Support requests can be entered 24/7 via


Service is provided by CLAS IT at no cost to CLAS departments and employees.

Delivery Requirements

Backups can be performed on data stored on CLAS-managed servers and shared drives.

Recovery Strategy

Data and User Files are backed up using the CLAS IT backup system. The backup server is stored offsite for disaster recovery purposes.

Service Targets

Standard provisioning turnaround?

Backup is automatic and set to a 24/7 schedule year round and data recovery is handled during normal business hours except in emergencies.

Standard request turnaround?

CLAS IT strives to respond to tickets and request as soon as possible during normal business hours, our standard request turnaround is 1 business day. Emergency data loss and disaster recovery will be handled with the highest priority and urgency.

How long to restore service?

  • Outage/unusable?
    • 1 -2 hours
  • Degraded/unreliable?
    • 4-8 hours
  • Minor/inconvenient?
    • up to 5 Business days