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CLAS IT staff will respond to requests for technical support by the end of the next business day.

To check the status of your submitted tickets, visit

Service Requests

Get technical support, report problems, and ask questions about CLAS IT services.

Account Updates

Make personnel changes to add, terminate, or update access to CLAS IT services.

Computer Network Updates

Add or remove access to the wired network for computers, printers, and servers or update the information in the CLAS IT DHCP database.

Department & Personal Websites

Request a new website for departments, centers, and other organizations within the college. Or create a new faculty, graduate student, or staff website at

Siteimprove Access Request

Obtain access to reports regarding your web property’s accessibility standards compliance, broken links reports, and overall quality assurance. Once granted, you will receive a monthly email report and access to UF’s Siteimprove account.