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Department IT Contacts

Departmental computer contacts are the first point of contacts for users who need help with computers. They are a vital link between the small number of CLAS IT staff and over nine hundred faculty and staff, and several thousand students in the college. All departments and centers have a contact. If you do not know yours, please speak with your office manager, chair, or director.

Some departments in CLAS have their own computing staff and resources, and may not use all CLAS IT services. You should check with the IT staff in Academic Advising, Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, or Psychology for information on their systems.

Trouble Ticket Management

Departmental contacts will be the first to respond to computer trouble reports, and will perform some immediate steps to see if they can resolve the problem. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they will enter the problem into our trouble ticket system.

References for Contacts

From time to time, contacts may be requested to perform specific tasks outside of their daily expertise. These references may prove useful in answering those queries.

CLAS Policies

All people using the CLAS network or computers are required to comply with all applicable college, university, state, and federal laws and statutes.

General Information