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Network Connection Policy


The University of Florida provides a computer network for instructional and research use. Any use of this resource must comply with all US and Florida law in addition to CLAS IT policy and UF’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Personal access to this resource is a privilege, which may be revoked if used in violation of these policies.


This agreement applies to all computing and networking devices connected to the campus networks administered by CLAS IT, regardless of the resource’s owner.

By connecting any device to the campus network, the computer’s user/owner agrees to the terms stated in this document. Unless the device or user/owner is currently under investigation by the University for violation of this policy of the UF AUP, the user/owner may terminate this agreement by removing the device from the campus network. This agreement may not be terminated during an active investigation.


Legal Uses

The user/owner of the device agrees to use the network only for legal uses as defined by Florida Computer Crimes Act.

Statement of Liability

Neither the University of Florida nor CLAS IT staff will be liable for any damages or loss of productivity resulting from network access, revocation of network access, and/or confiscation of equipment as part of an inquiry. The owner of the device may be liable for any damages resulting from illegal use of the device.
Licensed Software.

Licensed Software

College units that access the CLAS IT servers may have access to licensed software. If any computer is removed from the campus network, the licensed software must be removed, or necessary individual licenses purchased for the machine. Unauthorized use of licensed software violates this agreement, the UF AUP, and federal law. The owner of the device may be held liable for any fines or criminal charges resulting from the use of unlicensed software.

Device Interaction

Any device connected to the CLAS IT network may not interfere with the correct function of any other networked device. In addition, no device may interfere with CLAS IT staff’s ability to monitor any networked device. Network infrastructure devices must be approved by CLAS IT staff before deployment, and must be installed and maintained in accordance with CLAS IT policy.

Installation and Maintenance

Any device connected to the campus network must be installed and maintained in accordance with University and CLAS IT current best practices (CBP). “Self-maintained” devices, such as laptops and privately-owned computers, must be running a current operating system (OS) and anti-virus (AV) software. In addition, they must update automatically both the OS and AV software on a regular basis (at least once every week, but more often preferred).

Any system not properly installed or maintained may be removed from the network without prior notice, as it may pose a potential security or service hazard.


CLAS IT provides access to network resources for nearly 4000 computers on campus. To prevent accidental or deliberate misuse from affecting other users, CLAS IT or another UF designated agent may disconnect and/or confiscate any computer suspected of violating CLAS IT policy and/or the UF AUP.

Confiscation of computing equipment will be used as a last resort, in the event of lack of cooperation and/or availability of the user/owner.

Modification of Terms

The University of Florida and/or the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences may change the terms of this agreement at its discretion. Major changes to this agreement will be announced to the departmental computer contacts and posted on the CLAS IT web site. It is the computer user/owner’s responsibility to stay informed of any changes to this agreement.


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Last revised: September 21, 2009.