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Computer Price Quotes

In an effort to simplify administrative support and to ensure the best bulk pricing, UF has standardized on OptiPlex computers from the Dell Corporation. Our college recommends the UF standard desktop configuration with a four-year warranty. The system should cost between $800-1000, depending on the current contract pricing.

Dell is a myUF Market-enabled vendor. Find UF standard bundles and retrieve equotes of configured systems in the myUF Market Dell Punchout site.

Other Vendors

UF also has purchasing contracts with other computer vendors. However, due to the bundling nature of our contracts, CLAS IT cannot work with the vendors to test/create specific supported computer quotes. Your unit should only purchase such systems if you have local IT support staff to test, configure, and support such systems.

Why do we recommend certain computers over others?

Our goal is to provide quotes for machines that are reliable, easy to maintain, and are known to work on the CLAS IT/UF network. Thus, we test, then recommend, tested business-class configurations rather than “consumer” (home user) models.

Business-class computers are designed from the outset to be more consistent (can usually order the same model for 6-18 months), have identical parts available when components need replacing, and have multi-year warranties. This means if a part breaks two years after purchasing the computer, you should be able to get exactly the same component from the company. This is generally not guaranteed on machines designed for home use.