JAMF for Macs

What is JAMF?

JAMF is an endpoint management solution that allows a central IT unit to manage Apple devices. What this means for Users is that we will now be able to better manage the University’s Assets moving forward. Currently we are able to push profiles that are used to keep in compliance with policies set by UF, granting agencies, and the state and federal government. In the future we will be able to push updates to software but are currently not pushing anything out.

How does this help me as a User?

When you have a hardware failure there are usually security keys that need to be recovered to allow the hard drive to be reconnected or accessed. JAMF takes care of storing those keys along with the serial number, warranty information, and also which updates have been applied or are missing. All of this is used to make your life easier with less for you to keep track of and remember.

Does this cost me anything?

No, since the University requires endpoint management across the board, the software has been paid for and is renewed by UF. There is no cost to you for your individual computer to have this installed.

Is there anything I should do to get my University owned device configured?

Moving forward if you have a UF owned Mac that was setup and purchased through your department we will need to configure your device with JAMF. If you have gotten your Mac that was configured by CLAS IT starting August 1st there is nothing else you need to do since it has already been configured. If not you will need to contact CLAS IT via Service Request at https://it.clas.ufl.edu/forms/request/ to submit a request for JAMF configuration. This site can also be used to submit a service request for other issues you may be having or for questions that might needs answering.