Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business, which we have been using for Instant messaging, Screen sharing, and video calling is going away in summer 2021. The replacement for Skype For Business is going to be Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is without doubt a great tool for collaboration. I have embedded a video that will give you some Idea of the power of Teams:

There are also different apps, such as a team calendar, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Planner and many more, that can be added as well as tools to allow automation of processes.  When you create a team project site you also get a one drive account which gives you 5TB of storage and an email address for the team.

UF IFAS has developed a Team site dedicated to help faculty and staff learn more about TEAMS.   Here is a video introducing it:

Here is a link to the Team site itself.

It is also possible to do all the things you are used to doing in Skype for Business using Teams. CLAS IT has moved to Teams for their daily collaboration and we hope you will consider making the switch too.

I am excited about the future with Microsoft Teams and will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started.