New in CLAS IT & Meet the Techs

CLAS IT welcomes new staff. Get to know the new faces.

New to CLAS IT

Brent Williams IT Expert 10 years working at UF
Brent is in charge of our Linux systems as well as our Information Security. A typical day for Brent would include notifying the techs of possible vulnerabilities, managing and assisting users with Linux machines, and managing our Web servers. He has taken on the role of Treasurer at his church and plans on getting back into scuba diving.


Meet the Techs
From left to right: Tina, Joel, Michael, Phil, and Ian.

 Meet the Techs

Tina Nguyen IT Specialist 4 years working at UF
  •  Has a dance team and performs hiphop choreography at various student organization shows.
Joseph “Joel” McNeil IT Specialist <1 year
  •  Practiced Karate for 13 years and was in instructor for 4 of them.
Michael Trimble OPS Tech 1 Year
  •  Currently studying Real Estate and plans on having a show called Property Twins with his twin brother who is also studying Real Estate.
Philip “Phil” Tew OPS Tech <1 Year
  •  Continuously rescues dogs and brings them back to health. Currently housing 5 dogs.
Jun Ian Aranca OPS Inventory Specialist <1 Year
  •  Was born in Hawaii and considers himself an avid board gamer.