Simplify Time Approval with One.UF

Being a time approver who doesn’t work in PeopleSoft ( on a daily basis, I found the process of doing time approval to be tedious. However, in January, UF IT launched the One.UF Time & Leave Approval application, and now T&L approval has gone from being a time-consuming chore to a process so simple that I can even approve time from my smartphone.

The new One.UF interface was designed to be usable from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. It is very clean, intuitive, and efficient. Through the interface you can quickly search your groups, and you can view and approve leave for the employees in your group with a simple swipe.

Viewing and Approving Time is now a simple process!
Viewing and Approving Time on a smartphone

Time and labor approvers are reminded that while this interface is a new option, your responsibilities remain the same: approval of time and leave conveys you are verifying the entries are accurate. This, in turn, allows for proper payment to the employee.

Although the only application on the One.UF platform currently in production is the Time & Labor app, UFIT plans to roll out new applications to One.UF over the coming months. The next app scheduled to be released is a revised Schedule of Courses catalog.

To use One.UF, simply open up a web-browser and visit