The Dangers of Saving to the Desktop

Imagine one day you’re happily working a way on that perfectly-crafted letter or maybe a spreadsheet and you save it to your Desktop. Then the power flickers and goes out…

Your computer does not start up. The hard drive is dead. “Well, no matter. Just call CLAS IT and they’ll get it all back for me”, you think.

While we at CLAS IT are pretty good and we work hard to keep everyone safe, sadly, there are some things we can’t do. Recovering that spreadsheet would have been one of them.

This is because the Desktop folder is NOT backed up!

Documents vs. Desktop

CLAS IT redirects your Documents folder to the H drive which is backed up.  We also map the S drive and that’s backed up as well, but we do not do the same with your desktop.  If you have only saved something to the desktop folder and there is a disk drive problem with your system, it is gone.

Office is set to save to the Documents folder by default, and if you want to preserve important files, you will keep them there instead of on your Desktop.