Say Goodbye to Bigfix

Say Goodbye to Bigfix

UF and CLAS IT have moved away from Bigfix Endpoint Management for managing campus workstations.  Instead, we are using OS specific software and patch management systems.  For Windows systems the new system is Microsoft System Center, for Macs it is JAMF, and for Linux systems we are using Redhat Satellite.

What this means for you?

For most CLAS workstations, the only noticeable difference should be in the icons on the machine.

Primarily, you should no longer see the Bigfix icon in the taskbar.  If you do, please contact us so that we can clean up the old software and ensure your workstation is connecting properly to the new systems.

For any machine that had “CLAS IT Applications”, which should be all CLAS Windows workstations except lab machines and laptops that are primarily off-campus, you will now have “CLAS Software Center” instead. It looks a little different, but the function is the same.

If you do not have “CLAS Software Center” or still have “CLAS IT Applications”, please let us know and we will schedule a time to check on your workstation.