Starting a Website for Research or Groups

If you’re looking for a good way to share resources in a particular field or promote collaboration across colleges or departments, you may want to create a new website.

CLAS IT offers hosting and support for department and personal websites, but this also is available for research groups, organizations, and officially-recognized programs and center.

What You Need to Get Started

To get started, decide who will be responsible for adding content to the site. Anyone making updates will need a GatorLink account to log in. Then, it’s helpful to determine which features you’ll need. Each new CLAS-hosted site includes pre-installed UF templates and tools for posting news, showing blog articles, adding an events calendar, creating photo galleries, and setting up contact or sign-up forms for email lists or online newsletters. For communication, you can ask us for help setting up new mailing lists or request a group email address.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your website will need a site name as well as a domain name, or web address. Official UF websites should all have domains and will require approval, starting with your department chair. What domain names can you choose? Your group can select any subdomain of an existing department domain or if the site only involves members within the college. For collaborations involving different UF colleges or members outside the university, CLAS IT can request subdomains of,,, and for sites that meet the UF Domain Name Policy requirements.

Anyone interested in starting the process, submit the CLAS IT New Department Site Form. For questions about hosting a site or registering domain names, contact CLAS IT.

Recent Examples: