File Storage Options for Faculty and Staff

Secure network storage is a critical component of what we do at CLAS IT, and it is crucial for all our faculty and staff to have enough space to keep vital data in a secured, yet accessible place on the network. We currently offer the following storage options.

The Share Drive S

Each Department has shared drive space mapped to the S Drive. This space resides on the campus Isilon disks and is redundant and backed up via snapshots for 3 months.

The permissions are set by the Chair and/or the office manager and configured by CLAS IT. In general all faculty and staff have access to this share and can see and modify most of the content. Some departments have restricted folders on the S drive that have access limited to special access groups. We currently have 4 TB set aside for this share and we rely on the individual departments to police their folders to make sure space is not being wasted.

The Home DriveĀ  H

The H or Home drive is a restricted share that only the individual has access to. This space resides on the campus Isilon Disks and is redundant and backed up via snapshots for 3 months.

We have 14 TB of Space set aside for all CLAS faculty and staff to use for the home drive space which comes out to around 50 GB each. We rely on the individual user to keep in mind that this is an expensive finite resource and is for work purposes only. Whether or not each individual has an H drive is determined by the departmental affiliation and / or the office manager.

The Research Drive R

The R drive is fee-based storage that is reserved for CLAS researchers with the High Performance Computing (HPC) group. This storage is redundant but it is not backed up. CLAS IT manages the permissions and access to the R drive shares.

This storage space is used for research purposes only. Space and processing cores can be arranged with HPC for a very reasonable fee currently $250.00 per Terabyte per year. They can also arrange backup for an additional charge.

File Express

File Express is a UF wide site that allows you to share large files with others for a limited amount of time. Access to File-Express File Sharing Service is available to anyone with a GatorLink username or anyone who receives an email from File Express. Restricted data is permitted.


OneDrive @ UF provides 1TB of cloud file storage and is a part of the GatorCloud service. This makes it easier to access files from different devices and locations and there is no longer a need to save documents to flash drives when traveling. In addition to file storage, OneDrive allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents within your web browser or on your mobile device.


GatorBox is an enhanced storage option for research data that features a Dropbox-like interface and is connected to HiPerGator High performance computer cluster.

It is NOT for Sensitive or Restricted data


Use of Dropbox for UF official business or restricted data is not allowed and it has not been approved by the UF Privacy Office or by UF Information Security. We do not recommend using it for anything other than personal files such as family photos.