Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

DUO Two factor authentication was rolled out in the spring and has been in testing here at UF for almost a year prior. The way DUO works is that after you enter your password on certain resources, like myUFL and the UF VPN, you will be asked for a second method to verify your identity and that second method involves having physical control over a thing.

When you activate DUO 2FA on your account, you have several different options to use for verification. First, you can register your cell phone number and will receive a text message with a series of separate numeric codes. Each code can only be used once and are good for up to five days. This method is similar to methods commonly in use by many websites that offer 2FA. Next, you can receive an automated voice call from the system at UF to any registered phone, including your desk phone or home phone number.  Next, you can obtain a security token from the Help Desk at the Hub. The tokens provide a code that changes periodically based on an algorithm that is linked to the specific token. Only your token can be used to verify your identity. Finally, you can use an app on a tablet or smartphone to receive a push notification for verification, then use the app to approve the login. Additionally, you can set a default action that the system will use automatically each time a login is attempted.  Any device that you wish to use for verification, whether that is a token, smartphone, tablet, or voice phone number, all must be setup to your account before they can be used.

Setting up DUO 2FA on your account only takes a few minutes and is very straight-forward. Go to to start using 2FA. The additional layer of security is well worth the slight inconvenience of the extra step to verify your identity.