Xronos: An Open Educational Resource Project

This Spring, the Mathematics department is piloting a project to deploy an online educational tool to a couple of Calculus sections. The tool, Xronos (pronounced like Chronos), is based on the Ximera Project at Ohio State University and could potentially save UF students an aggregate amount in software fees that exceeds $250,000 annually.

The project was undertaken in part from a Board of Governors request to investigate using Open Educational Resources in order to reduce the cost of attending the university.

The project champions are Kevin Knudson (Associate Chair and Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Mathematics), Brian Harfe (Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Ken Sallot (IT Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), and Jennifer Smith (Director, Office for Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence).

Technical teams from Mathematics, CLAS IT, UF Online, UFIT and Ohio State University worked together to make the project go live.

If your department has an idea for an open educational resource that could reduce student fees, please contact Brian Harfe and Ken Sallot to discuss further.