Fall 2013 – Information for Web Editors and Web Developers


UF Branding and Templates

The majority of UF colleges including CLAS are adopting the UF branding and template for new sites. There are options  available to customize the template layout and colors, so not all sites have to have the same look.

Content Management and WordPress

CLAS IT is transitioning to using a content management system for new department and individual web sites instead of web drives. You can get more information about WordPress or request a new site on the Forms page.

Domain Names

Sub sites should use subdomains instead of subdirectories when they are different from the main site or when they are managed by a different group of people. (Example: oral.history.ufl.edu instead of history.ufl.edu/oral). Other options include *.clas.ufl.edu, *.center.ufl.edu, *.institute.ufl.edu,  *.program.ufl.edu, *.group.ufl.edu as well as fourth-level domains of the department. (Domain name Policy)

Starting a New Project

When starting a new web application or updating a new site, consider checking with CLAS IT to be sure that what you develop can be hosted on CLAS IT infrastructure. Make sure that you or your web developer is aware of UF IT’s web-related policies.

New Features

If you have a site in WordPress, here are the lastest features available:

  • Tables – create and manage advanced tables with options like sortable columns and importing from CSV (Excel) (Dashboard > TablePress)
  • Expire Posts and Pages – control when a post should change categories or when a page’s status should change from published to hidden. (Edit any page or post)
  • Page/Menu Management – view a list of all pages in your site and control nesting, order, and menu visibility from one screen. (Dashboard > Pages > pagemash)
  • Sidebars and Widgets – create your own sidebars to display widgets on certain pages or post categories. (Contact CLAS IT to have this enabled for your site)
  • Audio and Video Player – embed external audio or video using a simple shortcode. (Contact CLAS IT for more details)

Security & Privacy

  • Anything stored in your web space (I: drive)  is open to the public, so don’t store documents containing student data, social security numbers, or personal information. Search engines may still index the content.
  • For web applications or password-protected pages, use GatorLink authentication instead of storing individual or shared passwords. Contact CLAS IT for help submitting a Shibboleth application.