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Summer 2014 – Information for Web Editors and Developers


Personal Sites at

Users with personal sites at (commonly-known as I: drive web space) are encouraged to move to sites hosted at Sites at have access to templates and tools that allow them to edit sites using any web browser. If you’d like to get access to a site, send us your information using the User Site Request form.

New UF Branding this Fall

University Relations announced that there will be an update to the design for UF this Fall. For departments that plan to release print campaigns like brochures, posters, or newsletters at that time, they have provided new style guidelines and a toolkit. The official date for the campaign is August 30, 2014, so newly branded materials should not be released until then.

If you’re a designer or content creator and you’d like to preview the new branding guidelines, contact us.

New Features

If you have a site in WordPress, here are the latest features available to all sites:

  • Slideshows – create image or text slides and insert the slideshows into any post or page (Dashboard > Slideshows
  • List Pages or Posts – show a bulleted list of posts or pages based on custom criteria like category, tag, date, etc.. (Add shortcode to a page or post)
  • MathJax  – display advanced mathematics in pages using MathML or TeX format.  (Contact CLAS IT to have this enabled for your site.)
  • Collapse/Expand Text – click a title and display more text in the same page. (Contact CLAS IT to have this enabled for your site.)
  • Multilingual Sites – publish pages and content in multiple languages (Contact CLAS IT to have this enabled for your site.)

Requesting Plugins or Themes

  • If you would like to add or enhance features on your site, you can ask us to install a plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory using the service request form. Be aware that not all plugins are compatible with our installation and themes, so we will need time to review and test them.
  • New themes must meet UF branding guidelines and should have a developer able to update and maintain them.

Best Practices: Using Forms

  • Geography Web Submissions Forms – this department is using forms to streamline the process of reporting broken links, submitting course syllabi, as well as updates to department  news and events. These forms take advantage of the ability to require fields and attach documents.
  • Statistics Job Announcements Form – this department is using forms to make it easier to publish new job postings submitted by users. The form is set up to automatically create a new draft post for each submission. To make a new announcement appear on the Statistics Jobs page, staff members can log into the dashboard and click publish.