Access Group or Shared Exchange Email Accounts

Note: Mac Mail does not allow you to access Group or Shared Exchange email accounts.

If you have access to an exchange account other than your UF default account, you have two options to view messages:

Adding another Exchange Email Account to Outlook

Open Outlook and got to the File tab. Click on the Add Account button.

Adding Exchange 1.1

For E-mail Address on the Add New Account screen, type in the email address. Leave all other fields blank. Click Next, then Finish.

Adding Exchange 2.1

Once the account has been successfully added, you will need to restart Outlook. Go to the File tab, then click Exit.

The next time you reopen Outlook, the new account will appear in the list in addition to your exchange account folders. The name of this account is the same as the email address. (You may have to scroll down to find it.)

Adding Exchange 3.1

Double-click the email account name to display the folders inside, Click the Inbox folder icon to view new email messages.

Adding another O365 (Exchange Online) Email Account to Outlook

You will first want to open up the Outlook client. From there, click on File on the top left corner.

Click Add Account underneath Account Information and put in the email address of the account you are adding.

After you click Connect, you may or may not get the prompt below. If you do not get the prompt, Outlook automatically grabbed the information and set up the account. You will likely just need to close Outlook when it’s done and launch it back up and your email account should appear on the side. If you do see the prompt below, click Microsoft 365 in this menu.

A window like this will now appear. Type in your GatorLink email in the username box and your associated password in the password box and then click OK. Outlook will now attempt to add the account and when it is done, a menu appears telling you to restart your Outlook. Hit Done and then exit out of Outlook.

After you exited out of Outlook, open Outlook again and you should see the new mailbox listed on the left. You can click on that new email address to expand and see its Inbox, but it will take a few minutes for it to pull up any files on there (if there are files).

Accessing another Exchange account using a web browser

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a web page that allows you to access your UF mailboxes via an internet browser. Use this option if you do not want to add an additional account inbox to Outlook.

Open a web browser and type in the OWA address below for the respective mail account type. The below uses the example of the account email address being



You should be prompted with a page to enter your credentials after hitting enter. Please use your GatorLink credentials to continue and you will be able to view the mailbox.