Add a Network Printer in Windows

When trying to install the printer on a personal or UF-owned computer, it must first be connected to the Internet. Please check and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi before attempting, as it will not work otherwise.

Windows 10

Click Start or Press Windows\Start key


Select Settings


Click Devices


Select “Add a printer”


Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed.”


Skip to Selecting A Shared Printer below.

Windows 7

Click Start or Press the Windows\Start key


Click “Devices and Printers”


Select “Add a printer”


Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”


Continue to next section.

Selecting a shared Printer (windows 10 & windows 7)

In the “Select a shared printer by name” field, type the name of the print server (likely either “” or “”) followed by the printer name.

For example, \\\  (the printer will not allow you to print if you do not have rights). To get the name of the printer, contact the office manager or another user who is in the same department.

Once the name is entered correctly, select Next. Another window will open that looks like the following:

Select Finish and the process is complete. If this is not going to be your default printer, go ahead and uncheck the box with that selection.

When or if a Password is needed, use the following directions

Follow as above until a window asks for a username and password.

In the Username field, type your Gatorlink username in the following format:


When prompted for the password, use your Gatorlink password.

If this is a personal device, you may select to remember this password. If you select this option, please remember to update this when you change your password as it will cause problems in the future.