Choosing the Header Type (Text or Logo)

The Title Text Header

The theme includes two types of site header: the title text header and the default logo header. The Title Text Header displays the site title (Settings > General > Site Title) and works best for departments and organizations with long names.

The Title Text Header also replaces the Global Menu with the selected Site Parent Organization (Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > General). The default link is the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Screenshot of the Text Header
Text Header


Changing the Header Type

Step 1: To open the Customizer, go to Appearance > Customize in the admin dashboard menu.

The Customizer displays a live preview of the website on the right and a list of settings on the left.

Step 2: Select Theme Options from the list.

Step 3: Select Header. Change the Header Type to either Logo image or Title Text.



Step 4: Click the Save and Publish button to save your changes.