Cyber Self-Defense and HPC Training Classes available for Faculty & Staff

Fight back against phishing emails and malware or learn how to use research computing tools this September.

Cyber Self-Defense

September 19th, 2-4pm, HRS Building, Room 120

This two hour workshop is designed to raise awareness of faculty and staff on such topics as safe web browsing, preventing malware infections, recognizing phishing scams, encrypting and backing up files, and wireless security. The class covers discussion topics that get participants thinking about how to protect their personal and work computers at home, in the office and while traveling.

To sign up for it, please go to then select “My Self Service” (under Main Menu), then “Training and Development” and “Request Training Enrollment”.  The course number is GET199 (Cyber Self-Defense).

Research Computing Training

  • September 12, 12:50pm –  HiPerGator: Running Jobs and Submission Scripts
  • September 19, 12:50pm – Galaxy Overview, The Basics
  • September 26, 12:50pm – Next Generation Sequencing Data Techniques: Reference-Based mapping and de Novo Assembly
  • October 3, 12pm – Big Data Analysis by p-Median Models

See the Research Computing Training page on the Wiki for a calendar of sessions, slides and handouts, and recordings of sessions.

If you are unable to attend in person, sessions are broadcast with Adobe Connect. Please contact Matt Gitzendanner for a link to the broadcast site.