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Service Policy


We provide our services to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants in units within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Units with full-time or part-time IT personnel will require different levels of service than units without full-time personnel


Support and Business Hours

Our office hours are from 8:00am until 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding federal, state, and university holidays and natural emergencies.

CLAS IT personnel may be contacted for critical network incidents outside of these hours via phone or email. The CLAS IT personnel will decide the proper response and time frame for any incident reported outside of normal business hours. CLAS IT personnel are not “on call” outside of business hours.

System Availability

CLAS IT critical systems are available 99% of the time, excluding announced maintenance windows and natural disasters. Business hours are “critical”, and all efforts are made to provide maximum availability during these hours.

This availability applies only to systems administered by CLAS IT personnel. Physical networking, departmental servers, those services provided by other units on campus and/or via the Internet are not included. Due to the wide number of variables outside of CLAS IT administration, we cannot guarantee any level of service availability for individual workstations or servers.

Response Time

CLAS IT personnel should respond to all official requests for technical support by the end of the next business day. Critical network incidents during business hours will receive an immediate response. At a minimum, this will include an acknowledgment of the problem report and/or a request for additional information.

All official requests must be submitted by the unit’s computer contact via the CLAS IT web form. Other forms of contact, including email, phone call, or in-person request to an individual CLAS IT employee, do not constitute an official request.

Unit Responsibilities

Each unit within the college must declare a computer contact with CLAS IT. The contact is responsible for reporting computer and networking problems and requesting CLAS IT assistance as required. The contact is the liaison between the unit’s personnel and CLAS IT. The contact should be available during business hours to respond to user requests.

Each unit must ensure their users are in compliance with the UF Acceptable Use Policy. Thus, each unit is responsible for their software licenses, physical security, computer access logs, and other requirements as set forth by the UF General Counsel and Inspector General.

Provided Services

CLAS IT provides a range of services to the various units within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Not all units require all of our services.

More Information

Last revised: September 23, 2009.