Add a Network Printer to Mac OS X

This document covers how to configure a network printer for use on a Mac running OS-X 10.10 (Yosemite) up through 10.15 (Catalina).  Due to security policies, OS-X 10.9 (Mavericks), and earlier versions, are no longer supported and may not work properly.

Steps for All Currently Supported Versions of OS-X (10.10 through 10.15)

Adding a Printer Using OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is no longer supported

Due to some changes that were made to the UF Network, Snow Leopard will no longer work.

Adding a Printer using OS X 10.10 and Above

Open up the System Preferences panel, and select the option for Printing and Scanning (or Print & Scan for older versions)  This should bring up the list of all printers configured for the local system.

Press the + key to add a new printer.  It is possible you may first have to press the Unlock icon, and authenticate, before you can add the printer.

Next, you will get the Add Printer window.  By default, there should be choices for Default, Fax, IP, and Windows, however we want to select the option for Advanced.

Adding Advanced Button to the Toolbar

If the Advanced button does not exist on the tool bar, you will need to add it.  In order to add the Advanced button, move the mouse over to the tool bar and press the Control key while pressing the mouse button/track pad.  This should bring up a menu, please select the option for Customize Toolbar.

Adding the Advanced button is a simple matter of dragging the Advanced gear icon, from the selection menu, to the tool bar.

Once you have added the button to the tool bar, go ahead and press the Done button.

Adding the Printer Itself

For Xerox printers that are configured to use Accounting Codes, the Xerox drivers must be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site ( and installed first. Once they are installed, then proceed.

Go ahead and click the Advanced button.  The busy icon will pop up for a minute, or so, and then you will be given a dialog box.  Click on the Type pull down menu, and choose Windows from the selection.

Under the option for URL enter the following:


In most cases, the servername will be, but there may be a few printers that are served by the server, or  If you are in doubt, please feel free to ask CLAS IT.

Under the option for Name, enter a description for the printer.  This will usually be the print queue name.

Next, select the appropriate printer driver from the Print Using menu.  For the majority of printers, the Generic Postscript Driver should be sufficient, however several HP printers are finicky and require a special driver.  Some printers may also require special drivers to use all of the features, such as saddle finishing, duplex printing, collating, etc.

If configuring for Xerox printer with Accounting Codes, select the correct driver for your printer make and model (e.g. Xerox Workcentre 5335).

Finally, click Add and the printer will be added to the system.  You will be brought back to the Printer menu.

Printing a Document

Before Printing for the first time, if the printer you are adding uses Xerox Accounting Codes please follow the steps to configure them at HOW TO CONFIGURE MAC OS X TO USE XEROX ACCOUNTING CODES before continuing.

Our printing system requires authentication to submit a job. Because the majority of Macs are stand-alone machines in our environment, and they are not joined to the Active Directory, this means you must authenticate whenever you submit a print job to be printed.

If you have not authenticated, when you try to print a job it will be placed on hold and the printer icon will flash in your dock. To authenticate, first bring up the print job list on the printer, simply by double clicking on the printer icon in your doc.

You should see the list of jobs in the print queue, and likely a line next to the jobs saying On Hold.  To authenticate and release the jobs, click on the Resume button.

This should bring up a dialog box that allows you to enter your username and password.  The username and password you will enter should be your Gatorlink username, but enter it in the format\username (so my entry would be\kens).  Then enter your password.  If you entered them correctly, the dialog box should disappear and your job should print.