Email Migrations

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UF is in the process of moving the campus email system to the Microsoft 365/Exchange Online cloud platform. Students have been on the Microsoft 365 platform for two years and several CLAS departments have been moved over the summer. On September 22nd, the remainder of the college will be migrated to Microsoft 365 mail.  What

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Coming Soon: External Email Banners

Your email is about to look a little different. On September 3rd, UFIT will be implementing a banner to all emails originating from off-campus. The banner, which will be prepended to the body of the email, reminds people to be suspicious before following any link, or opening any attachment, they receive in email. Although this

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Receiving Email from Federal Agencies

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This May the UF community was notified that the NSF, and other federal granting agencies, had implemented a new email protocol in order to comply with DHS Binding Operational Directive 18-01. Implementation of the new protocol has led to some UF community members missing out on important emails from their granting agencies. The protocol, DMARC,

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