Ordering New Technology During COVID-19

Shipment Boxes

Currently, with the University of Florida being mostly shutdown for summer and with limited access to buildings, there have been some issues with delivery of orders. We at CLAS IT have been working through this time to still set up devices as they are received through the departments. The most common things currently are for

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Tech Fee Grants

Do you know what UF Apps, the 3D Printer lab in the Marston Science Library, and the A/V systems in the Ocora and Ustler Atrium have in common? These projects were all initially funded by UF Technology Fee Grants! The UF Technology Fee funds ideas proposed by students, staff and faculty through a competitive grant

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As we roll out Windows 10, the need to reboot your computer at least once a week becomes more important.  Microsoft upgrades their core Windows operating system now on a regular basis very much like Apple has been doing. Windows computers must be rebooted in order for those updates to occur.  Upgrades are pushed out

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Website Accessibility, Broken Links, and Quality Asssurance Reports from Siteimprove

What is Siteimprove? Siteimprove is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform contracted by The University of Florida. Siteimprove scans the University of Florida’s web resources and creates useful metrics and reports that help identify areas of improvement. It scans web pages, documents, and media files and compiles reports that can be accessed via monthly

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Preparing for UF’s Accessibility Policy

Accessibility is the ability for students and staff to access and effectively use Electronic Information Technology (EIT), which includes all web pages, electronic documents and multimedia. Why does UF need an accessibility policy?

Password Resets Will Require Contact Information

Over the past year there has been an increase in the number of GatorLink accounts that have been compromised at the university. The most recent trend has been to steal account credentials by using social media to find the answer to account password reset questions.