Defender yes, Trend no

CLAS-IT is Removing Trend anti-Virus and enabling Windows Defender.  Since we have really good tools for monitoring Malware activity using our desktop support tool, SCCM, we are moving forward with using the built in Microsoft program Windows Defender to keep

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I was Pwn3d!

I have a confession to make. I was recently blackmailed by a “sextortion” email and it surprised me in many ways. The email promised to share compromising videos, supposedly captured from the web-camera on my laptop, with family and friends

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Skip the Phish

phish-ing – /’fiSHiNG/ – noun. The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. A day does not go by without

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As we roll out Windows 10, the need to reboot your computer at least once a week becomes more important.  Microsoft upgrades their core Windows operating system now on a regular basis very much like Apple has been doing. Windows

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

DUO Two factor authentication was rolled out in the spring and has been in testing here at UF for almost a year prior. The way DUO works is that after you enter your password on certain resources, like myUFL and

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How Vulnerable Is Your Data?

When we think of data privacy, the first thought is likely about how we as individuals are vulnerable to having our information land in the hands of someone that should not have access to it. All too frequently we hear of high-profile data breaches that have occurred everywhere from federal and state agencies to retailers, health care providers, and in our own backyard here at UF. Read More

Do You Need Adobe Flash and Java?

Adobe Flash and Java are add-on software packages, plugins, which provide additional functionality, such as the ability to watch videos or listen to music, from within the web browser.

Examples of sites that use this are YouTube, SoundCloud, most online games, and even some campus sites such as E-Learning still have ties to flash or java.Read More