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Microsoft Imagine Program

Imagine Software License Overview

The goal of Imagine is to provide the development community with the latest tools and information to enable the rapid creation of innovative new applications. Imagine is a special program to provide academic institutions, faculty, and students with leading-edge tools at a very low cost.

The products covered by this licensing program are available to College of Liberal Arts and Science students and faculty for instructional use and/or non-commercial research use ONLY. In addition, the software that is part of this program may not be used to run the infrastructure of departments, or other units, of the College. Instructional purposes are defined as, “conducting educational classes, labs, or related programs for teaching and/or learning the products or concepts related to the products that are part of this program.” Examples include: classes on software development, introduction to programming languages, systems design and analysis, relevant mathematics courses, relevant science courses, or relevant engineering courses. Research purposes are defined as, “conducting not-for-profit research projects.”

Included Software


  • MSDN Library
    Contains technical articles and tool documentation, SDK documentation, DDK documentation, royalty-free sample applications, and Microsoft Developer Knowledge Base (bug fixes and code workarounds).
  • Microsoft Operating Systems, SDKs and DDKs
    Includes all the latest releases, Windows Client, Windows Server
  • Developer & Design Tools
    Includes Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Ultimate, Expressions, and Windows Embedded
  • Microsoft Applications
    Visio, Project and OneNote
  • Microsoft Server
    SQL Server, BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server

More information on the software products available through the Imagine license, including links to product specific homepages, can be obtained on the Imagine homepage.

  • The software that is part of this license is restricted to instructional use and/or non-commercial research use ONLY.
  • The software that is part of this license may not be used to run the infrastructure of any units of the College of Engineering.
  • Students must be enrolled as a College of Liberal Arts and Science major OR minor in order to be able to download and install software under this license.
  • Students who leave the College are able to continue to use software from this license that was loaded on their machines PRIOR to their departure from the College. This software may only be used for purposes specified by the Imagine EULA.
  • Faculty and staff who leave employment with the College must uninstall software obtained from the Imagine license immediately.
  • Software distribution to faculty and students is done through the electronic license management system (ELMS) maintained by Kavuto.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are authorized to download software through the ELMS system after DROP/ADD at the start of each semester. Your gatorlink email address ([GatorLink username] serves as your login id. After you account is created you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your registration.
  • By using the software available through this licensing program you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the end-user license agreement (EULA). Be sure to read and understand the license agreement and the program usage guidelines (quick links are provided on the left for easy reference).