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CLAS Student Computer Requirement


All students new to the University, including new juniors, must comply with the University Student Computing Requirement. The College of Liberal Arts and Science (CLAS) requires students registered in its courses to use a computer to perform assignments in a wide variety of courses


Students registered in courses within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


To implement the University computer policy, the College requires that:

Computer Access

You must have ready access to a computer. You may purchase, lease, borrow, share, rent time, or make other arrangements. University and College assignments require you to use your computer for a variety of tasks including email, web access, multimedia, computations, and writing. In addition to required books, different courses may require you to purchase specific software for your computer.


You should be able to print both text and graphics in an approved format. If you bring removable media (flash drives, external hard drives, CD or DVD, etc.) to campus, you may be able to print material from them using University computer labs, in which case you will be charged a nominal fee.

Internet Access

You should be able to access the Internet using your computer. Accessing the Internet will be required for many of your courses. Such access is free to all university students via UF wireless and DHNet services in the residence halls. Alternately, you may choose to use a different Internet provider. The University provides email addresses for all students, staff and faculty at no charge. GatorLink VPN software for secure internet access is available at Network Services.

Computer Skills

The college requires you to know how to use your computer for web, email, and other tasks. Should you need training in the use of your computer and its software, there are many options. Students have access to the UF Help Desk Application Support Center for training.

Minimum Requirements

If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for using University resources and applications, you may not be able to complete some assignments. For example, most netbooks are not equipped with CD/DVD drives and, as a result, cannot access material required by some classes.


Technical Support and Repair

When your computer needs repair, it is your responsibility to see that the repairs are done quickly so that you will be able to use your computer for University assignments. Service plans are available from local vendors.The UF Computing Help Desk offers e-mail and walk-in service for technical assistance.

Purchasing and Software

We recommend purchasing personal computers running Microsoft Windows. You may use other platforms as well, but you may have trouble running specific assigned software as well as reading and writing documents in the required formats.

If you are purchasing a new computer you should expect to pay approximately $1,000 for the recommended configuration. The University has purchasing agreements with selected vendors. Their computers are available at the Campus Shop and the UF Bookstore. Local vendors will also sell and service appropriate computers and recommended software bundles.

Financial aid is available to assist you with the expenses of computing. Expenses include purchase or lease costs as well as charges for Internet services, supplies, printing, and maintenance.

Please note that computer technology changes rapidly, and it is unlikely that the computer you purchase today will be adequate to the tasks you will be required to perform after four years at UF. Plan to upgrade or otherwise improve your computer during your stay at UF.

More Information

Your computer will be an important instructional asset for you at UF. Please be prepared to use your computer as directed by your instructors.